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Originally Posted by the ant
Thanks everyone. Yeah, I do plan to take it to a mechanic to do a thorough inspection before confirming the deal...

Akpud, yeah, if you don't mind, can you forward me info about a good shop?

I am planning to take it to my mechanic to do an inspection but I need to call them on Monday to see whether they are equipped to inspect Porsche. They specialize in European cars like BMW and Benz but I am not sure if they are experts in Porsche or not. So, I may need your shop (or call up an offical Porsche shop like Pfaff) as a backup if I don't trust them being able to handle Porsche...

Yeah, you definately want a Porsche mechanic - preferably a dealer. I bought my '99 at a MB/BMW place and they admitted they couldn't work on Porsches.

Personally, I would pass on this vehicle. You stated that it dings/scratches normal for an 8 year old car. Maybe for most cars - but given how most people treat their Porsches on this forum, I'm leary of any vehicle that isn't in significantly better shape than (for it's age) than a similar non-P car. My Box is 7 years old with no dings, 2 rock chips, and one surface scratch (haven't buffed it out yet). Granted, for the miles you can expect more damage. There are just so many Boxsters out there with low miles at reasonable asking prices.

Just whatever you do - check out some other Boxsters before you buy. I think you'll be surprised at how much more you can get with little or no more money.

As to the "shaking" at idle - it may just be set a bit low. I know that when mine is idling properly it actually feels like it's not running....

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