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Clutch kits for 986 Boxster S with LS Swap

Hi, I'm using the Kennedy Engineering Products (KEP) transmission adaptor to mate my LS3 to a G86.20 transaxle from a 01 Boxster S. Renegade Hybrids also uses this KEP kit that they offer to Porsche owners.

KEP sells an 'enlarged'/upgraded clutch kit for this combination, and I'm trying to figure out what else might fit. I've heard rumors that a 996 Sachs clutch kit will work in this configuration. (A stock Boxster S clutch will also work, but won't hold the torque and will be rough.)

In looking clutch kits made to work with the G86.20, my favorite one I've seen so far is the Spec Stage 3+ SP903F that holds 671 lb/ft of torque. It's a sprung disk, which is what I need since the adapter comes with a single mass flywheel.

I'd like to know if there are other options out there that will fit, particularly ones that have larger surface area, high torque handling (600+ lb/ft) and still have a sprung center.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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