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Sorry to dust off an old thread here - I think I just encountered this on my 2001 Boxster S.

Lately on my driver's seat when I have the seat heater on there's been a hot spot right at the edge of the seat bottom where it meets the bolster. Today while driving the seat heater was working with the same hot spot and then later I noticed it was off. Now when trying to turn it back on the light will turn red for just a second and then it turns off almost immediately.

I'm guessing the heating element in the seat is damaged resulting in an open circuit. I haven't tried swapping the passenger switch in yet as the hot spot tells me there was something wrong anyway.

Anyone have any experience with this? I saw an article listing a part number for the seat cushion bottom with integrated heater but it does not come up in a search of Pelican or Suncoast. Help please.

Thanks in advance,
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