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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
  1. I ended up pulling out the console, which had already been modified for a 2 DIN head unit.
  2. Cut the duct so I could peel it down out of the way and temporarily taped it.
  3. My foam was COMPLETELY gone, otherwise I would have cleaned the flaps.
  4. Covered the flaps with a heavy duct tape that has a long lasting, thick adhesive.
  5. Tested the operation to make sure nothing was blocked and the tape was secure.
  6. Put it back together and used the same tape to seal the duct.
Relatively quick and painless. YMMV depending on your center console configuration.:dance:

This is awesome. Seems like relatively easy access to both flaps.

No issues getting your hands/arms in the hole to the bottoms of the flaps?
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