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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
Simple - the longer the lever, the less force required to create the same torque.

With that being said, here is a chart with stiffness comparisons for Porsche bars and the adj Tarett bars - unfortunately haven't seen data on the Eibach bar;

I got the specs from Eibach on their rear bar, 22mm diameter 4.76mm wall thickness.

Originally Posted by Tanner from Eibach

The wall thickness is 4.76MM on this bar.

If you have any other questions please feel free to respond to this email.

Tanner Hallihan | Direct Sales

Eibach Inc. | 264 Mariah Circle | Corona, CA 92879-1751
That bar is stiffer than OEM, and it works out like this, in comparison to the OEM Base/S rear bar, similar to the chart above:

Hole 1 (stiffest), 2.78
Hole 2 (same as OEM), 2.5
Hole 3 (softest) 2.22

The front bar that goes with it (that I don't have) is a 26mm solid bar.

It is 2.134 times stiffer than the Std Base front bar.

So if you're looking for some stiff swaybars, these are it

I am back to OEM M030 S for now while I tune some different parts of my suspension.


PS I got the formulas and things to make these calculations from this thread:

As a sanity check I plugged in all the numbers from the Tarett spreadsheet using my formulas and they matched

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