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So I've had this foam deterioration for a while but never understood why. Now I know. I live in central TX, so it's not about getting warm air in winter for me. The issue I am having (other than years of foam bits coming out of the vents) is that the AC blows cold air out of the defrost duct vents even though my AC control is set to blow air only out of the center/side dash vents. What this does is cool the windshield, and I get condensation on the outside of the windshield, along the bottom where the glass is cold.

I have tested the AC control settings. I get air through the center/side ducts no matter what. With all controls in the off position, but AC running, air comes out of center ducts and the defrost ducts. If I turn on the footwell ducts, air stops coming from the defrost ducts and out the footwell ducts. This tells me the defrost/footwell flap is working. Working the various combinations, it looks like the center/side ducts flap is not working correctly. It is not closing off completely the access to the defrost/footwell ducts, like it should if you want all air to come out the center/side ducts.

I am trying to figure out if all the flaps have this foam, in which case that is likely my problem, or if there is something else wrong that is preventing the center/side duct flap from functioning correctly.
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