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Little update,
I was on holiday for the past 3 weeks. Came back, and we got the deal! Car should be mine as of next week.
First attention points will be, not in order of importance:
1. Investigate on battery drain (test battery, remove aftermarket parts, mA on idle, fuse by fuse)
2. Fix top glass window, I mistakenly thought its plastic (might be possible to re-attach it)
3. Restore leather seats (leather filler and color)
4. Invesitgate on broken top mechanism
5. Investigate on spoiler malfunction (not going up or down, throws error)
6. Investigate on central lock issues (door lock/unlock not working)
7. Investigate on irregular revs (old fuel?,MAF, butterfly cleaning, sparks, coils)
8. Change oil, filter, coolant, flush brakes
9. Check transmission fluid
10. Paint job where peeled off and wax
11. Headlights restoration
12. Install S MY2003 exhaust tip
13. Install LED tail lights
14. Wheels restoration (paint is peeling)
15. Scan for OBD errors

Cannot wait to put my hands on the little blue..

Anything I might forgot?
986S - MY03 - low temp stat/test pipes/race manifold/race muffler/Tarett UDP/997.1 front grille/997 GT3 RS rear grille,/997 oil cooler/987 plenum/throttle body/intake/ECU tune/ No power steering, I love the feeling!

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