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A sister to adopt

I have seen my neighbor driving his nice blue Boxster S my 2000 since I moved to new flat around 3 years ago. Around a year ago, his plastic top window fell apart, then he started having issues with battery going flat. He changed battery and discovered something was draining it.
He left the car outside the parking space since that (6+ months), got two months heavy rain inside during our rainy season. Recently I was looking at that with sadness and decided to ask him what are his plans.
It turns out he wants to get rid of the car for a very reasonable price. I have spent 10 minutes checking car condition.
Car starts ok, good idle but there is some irregular rev during mild gas pedal touch.
High revs looks fine. It might be old petrol in tank or I suspect old, dirty MAF.
Top plastic window fell off leaving a nice hole, so a complete top will need to be replaced to my understanding. As well as top mechanism not working.
Remote unlock is not working, I suspect it got wet and rusty under the drivers seat.
You can see he how he removed carpets, fuse cover etc.. in attempt to find and fix battery drain.
Car obviously needs some attention but for a bargain price is very tempting and I might end to adopt her
We are on early negotiation..
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