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Originally Posted by jay2015 View Post
I have 2003 S and the radio button and the other soft touch interior (around radio, ac register etc) were very sticky and I was trying to figure out how to clean it up. There were several solutions on how to.

I ran into one trick using a cleaning solution from dollar shop, so I stopped by dollar shop get the spray bottle and first cleaned the radio knobs. In no time, all the sticky mess was gone and the knobs maintained their color and shine.

So, I tapped around the dash and took a rag to it (just spray some solution on rag and wipe it). No need to rub a lot, more like applying the solution and removing it.

All the sticky stuff is gone and the parts maintained their black color.

Thought I would share it. The solution is LA's Totally Awesome All-Purpose cleaner.


I came across the same issue; thanks for sharing, I needed the tip
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