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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
What is a pb blaster? I already have the part number for the bolt I need to replace but I still need to get that part of the bolt out before I can fit a new one in it.
pb blaster is a penetrating lubricant. I know that it is available is Canada and the UK but not sure about the US. I have used many penetrating lubricants and finds that this one works the best. u might need to use a bolt/screw extractor (drill bit) to get the broken pt of the bolt out. basically, spray the broken bolt w/ pb blaster or anything but wd40 and leave for a day; spraying every 12 hrs. Then use the bolt extractor to get the bolt out. However, depending on how the bolt snapped, u might just need to use a flatheaded screw driver and unscrew it slowly...patience is really the key for this...just remember that it happens to the best of us...atleast it is on the TB and not the rear lower control arm in a 10yr old canadian Honda!
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