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Hi Carlton.
Your summery is pretty accurate.
In both option 1&2, you are reforming the flap the directs the air from the AC blower fan, to the heater core or the evaporator.
The other flap, directs the air between upper and lower AC ducts.
The circulation is controls by a third flap that doesn't need to be reformed.
It has a thick foam that doesn't disintegrate.
So to answer your question, you will get the same result with option 1 and 2 with everything related to the heat/cold control.
I have never tried option one, but can tell you that option 2 took me about 4 hours to compleate (after the dash was out).
In my case reforming was just "while I'm in there" kind of thing, as I needed to replace the leaking evaporator. So I never really evaluated option 1.
If to be honest, I have the same issue (foam flakes) in my C2.
At the moment I have no intention of attending it.
But that is easy to say when I need to use the heat twice a year (if at all).
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