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Window Motor Not Working

I have replaced both window regulators in the last few months and figured I was done with windows. Apparently not. My driver side window quit working on Thursday and game on. I thought maybe motor, maybe switch, if I am lucky.

So I tore into it this morning and started checking and swapping parts back and forth between the working passenger side. Every combination works on the passenger side. Next step lunch and a nap.

I get on the forum and start searching. Window and motor bring up a massive amount of links. I was finally able to narrow the search down to a handful of listings and start reading. Half way through, I find a link from +/-2006 addressing the "know condition" of the leaky plug cover between the door and the A pillar. Who knew. I pulled the cover off and it was half full with rusty water. What a mess. It had corroded one of the lower wires on both side of the connector and they had broken off of the pins. Problem found.

I can't thank the forum enough for all of their help and support. Without this resource, I am not sure I would have ever found this problem or solution on my own. I can't imagine what this would have cost at the dealer or indy.

I soldered a jumper between the two wires. Problem solved. I am not going to replace both harnesses and pull the dash board out for one wire. I blew all of the water out with air and washed it out with contact cleaner. Everything is back together and working correctly. I checked the passenger side and it was dry as a bone.

I have included 3 pictures for clarification;

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