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Early and often. That's my maintenance advice. While I've never been under a 981, the 986 is easy to change the oil on. Do it every 5,000 miles. No matter what the dealer says. Make sure to follow the factory recommendations on the 15,000 and 30,000 mile services. You can do them yourself or take it to the dealer. Lastly, find an independent mechanic that is versed in modern Porsches. They will save you coats where you can't do things yourself. And a hint, dicks European auto repair with all the old vw rabbits and mid 80s benzes is not the place to take your Porsche.

Other than that we can't comment to the weaknesses of the're two generations ahead of us. Though, be glad the letters IMS will mean nothing to you. Is this car a CPO car? That should come with a factory warranty if so. Good luck and congrats.
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