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New Boxster Owner. Help on maintenance advice!

Hello, I would like to make a formal introduction as a new Porsche Boxster owner. After couple years of saving up, I was finally able to buy one last weekend! I bought a 2014 Porsche Boxster with about 5000 miles. I hope to be a huge part of this forum and learn a lot from it.

Now that I actually own a Porsche, I would like some advice on what kind of maintenance to expect in the near future (I plan to keep the car for about next 4-5 years). I always heard about the horror stories regarding how absurd the maintenance cost is and to combat that, I would like to be prepared in order to keep my car in pristine condition and fix it as soon as any problems rise up (fingers crossed).

Also, could anyone direct me to a DIY guide (I tried searching on this forum and got lost) where it shows how to an oil change, brake pads, and other easier maintenances. I plan to do most of the maintenances myself in order to keep the costs down.

I would really appreciate your input and hope to really enjoy my time as Porsche owner and forum contributor!
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