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Take a torx screwdriver and remove the two screws holding the cluster and the cluster mini-dashboard to the dash. The left one is under what looks like a microphone cover and the right one is under then emergency flasher button. Since you're across the pond the eflasher might be on your left so adjust the instructions accordingly.

Once these two screws are out, you can rotate the cluster assembly forward and you'll see the lamps that unscrew a quarter turn and can be swapped out. Swap the burned out one with another and then turn on the ignition and see if its actually just the bulb. If so, replace it.

If it's not the bulb, just put everything back together. You have more expensive issues to deal with after you do some research.

If you feel the need to remove the wiring on the cluster, you need to disconnect the negative battery terminal first. The cluster plugs have a little plastic latch that snaps them down in place so don't just start pulling on the plug. Find the coloured latch and pull straight back on it away from the cluster and it will unseat the plug.

When replacing those two torx screws, it would be wise to use some painter's tape to tape them to the end of your screwdriver. They will inevitably fall into the cluster housing when you're trying to get them back in that tiny dark hole if you don't secure them to the end of the screwdriver one way or another.

Hope this helps!
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