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I have tried out a total of 5 body shops in the Tampa area (Tampa, Brandon, Riverview & Ruskin) and I wouldn't recommend any of them. I tried all of them through recommendations by co-workers or other auto-enthusiasts and they were all pitiful.

In fact, the last one I used in Brandon still has my 986. I had a front bumper cover, side skirts and side mirror covers painted... they still have my car in their shop 5 months later. The quality of their work is excellent (probably the best of all the shops I have tried) but 5 months?!?!? I'll finally have her back on Feb 1st...

The Porsche specialist I use for mechanical work (who is excellent!) and has been in the area for 40+ years, wouldn't recommend a body shop in the area to me. That says a lot about what is available around here.
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