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First Service Results

Just performed the first service on my 2000 Boxster S. I bought the car in July with 60820 miles and it now has 61786 miles. It's the first opportunity I have had to work on the car.

The good news: I replaced the air filter, cabin filter, serpentine belt, and changed the oil and filter. Never having worked on the car before I was a little hesitant but everything was fairly simple to work on.

The not so good news: I discovered a tear in the outer CV boot of the driver's side CV axle (looks like it has been torn for some time). There is a small oil leak around the #3 spark plug (I have new oil tubes and seals which I will replace in the next few weeks). The area around the coil is damp rather than a significant leak (no oil on the garage floor).

The sort of worrying news: there were some small shiny flecks in the old oil filter (which fell apart as I was looking through the pleats). There were also some flecks in the bottom of the drain pan once I had poured out the old oil. I cleaned off the flecks and checked and some were ferrous. I replaced the original oil plug with a magnetic plug and I have the kit to send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs. I have attached a couple of pictures of the drain pan.

I had the car scheduled for the IMS Solution upgrade from Flat 6 Innovations later this month but there was a supply issue and this has been postponed until late March or early April. My plan is to first fix the torn CV boot (replace the boot and re-pack if the joint is not damaged or replace the whole CV axle). Next, drive the car for 500 miles or so and change the oil again and look for any debris on the drain plug, the filter, or the drain pan. I would welcome any suggestions.

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