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M008 means S model, M009 means base.

S has hole for center radiator, base doesn't.

Obviously you don't want either 03- version, as they completely changed the styling in 2003. You can change to the new style, but this means buying the grilles, too.

04 is the only number that meets your criteria

Option codes are listed at back of PET. Mxxx if the format of most options codes.

For your S, the part number does not include the frame around the center opening, or the back side piece that the frame mounts to. If yours is clipped together, you can transfer to the new bumper. If the tabs were melted to hold the two pieces together, you'll probably want new parts.

You should be able to transfer the outer grilles to a new bumper. Note that S versions are silver (titanium) painted and base versions are basic black unpainted. Many may think the base grilles are white or gray, but that's the color of aged, deteriorated plastic. They were originally black.
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