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Clean Water - A Worthy Cause

Folks, if you would like to do some year-end tax-deductible charitable giving that actually saves lives of children in poor countries, check out Pure Water for the World.

They install organic water filters in homes and train volunteers locally to help people maintain their water filters. The recipients pony up a week's income (on average) to get the water filter, so it's not seen as a free handout or entitlement and it's dearly valued. Bad water is a big cause of death among infants and elderly people in countries like Honduras and Haiti.

Their web site if you want to learn more and possibly give a tax-deductible gift: Home – Pure Water for the World

My wife and I gave some last year and then again this year to this organization after I studied their IRS 990's and visited with a number of board members to make sure they were legit, unlike so many of the non-profits out there asking for money when so little of it goes to the actual cause.
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