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986 + 996TB +997 T codes

I hope everyone's enjoying their rides. Not too long ago I did the conversion to 74mmTB 997T and 987 Airbox. All has been great with noted HP gains but since then, I keep getting the p1128,1130 which tells me both banks are running lean or has a air leak. The car runs smooth with no erratic idle and the code always pops up after some 100 mi or so. Anyone else out there experience this? I'm wondering also if I should upgrade the fuel regulator. Before the conversion, I never had codes come up. With 7.2 DME with added larger TB, could it be its just starving for fuel? Just like to know from those that may have experienced this. Or, is it just a tune I need? I have no access to fancy scanners. I just know my readiness codes never come all up. Thanks,
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