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It came from Edmonds! And the IMS was done just before I brought it home. Along with new tires and the belts changed. He also had a 1984 911SC (I think that's the model) with only 40k miles on it he sold to another mutual friend of ours.

I love the Glastars! I almost got into building one myself. Even went to Arlington to test fly one. If it doesn't have a tail wheel, I really don't like flying it much. They work great on floats and here in northern MN, we are ice free for at least 30 days a year. GRRRRR!

The Cub was the first plane I was ever paid to fly and since I'm retired, figured it would be a great plane to have in my last years of flying! And I can land in my back yard when I want to. If I put a larger door on the pole barn, I could keep it there.

Too bad winter is here. I hated parking the 986 S just because it was so much fun to drive. Even if only going to the airport to fly the Cub.

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