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Behind seat subwoofer wiring suggestions

I embarked on, what has come to be, a year long journey upgrading the audio equipment on my 2000 Boxster S. The initial few mods came quickly - replaced front speakers, aftermarket amp, double din head unit. I bought everything to replace rear speakers and door speakers, but only just now got around to swapping those out.

While I had everything broken down and with revitalized enthusiasm, I decided that I also wanted to add a powered sub. After some digging here, I found this sub: which I plan to put behind the passenger's seat.

I had a few questions about wiring:
  • I plan on tapping the L and R channels from the rear speakers. Because it's a powered subwoofer and the RCA sub inputs do not draw power, I shouldn't worry about any drains powering the rear speakers, right?
  • Ground I can get easily - find a screw behind the engine cover carpet or beneath the seat.
  • For 12V power, I can run a power cable from the battery through a firewall and into the cabin, but I'm hoping to avoid breaking down my center console and headunit to run the cables. Can I just power the sub off an empty fuse slot? It's 75W RMS so it seems manageable?
  • For power control (accessory power/signal) I can pull that from my headunit (same as the signal to my amp. Again, I was hoping to not have to go through the trouble of pulling my headunit to grab that wire. Is there something else I can use instead?

Thanks in advance!
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