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1998 Porsche Boxster Error Code: P0717, P0722, P0455

Hey guys, I recently bought this Porsche and it was driving fine up until a couple days ago. First the error code P0455 came up and that I know is for an evap leak because I checked the gas cap for any cracks or anything. I was driving it today and out of the blue the red light started flashing in between D (drive) and the 4 (gear). I then lost all power to the wheels and it seemed like i was stuck in gear one with it barely moving. So I plugged in my obd 2 scanner and saw the two new error codes P0717, and P0722. With a little research that came up to be a tiptronic problem however I have yet to use the tiptronic in the car and it usually happens because of misuse of the tiptronic. I don't really know much about this car because i just bought it but im open to any cirticism and advice. Any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated!
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