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1st thing to be aware of is that last I heard, adding aftermarket projectors is NOT permitted in the US unless it is equivalent to factory OEM equipment, however, I have never heard of any enforcement of that rule.

Just replacing your regular bulb with any kind of hotter bulb will cause the inside of you light to yellow and then grow brown from being burnt by the heat.

The custom projectors have not been doing that, probably because they are lower wattage 35W I think, and there is the aluminum body which absorbs and moderates the heat.

If you want to do a cheaper version of the customs then google "Mini Morimotto" Projectors which is basically what the customs are without the fancy
custom projector body.

Be aware that some of the faces for the projectors and perhaps other projectors could be too long and any rubbing of them on the headlight lens will mess up your headlights. Dimensions are important for them to fit and align properly.

Not sure if you need the Can-bus ballasts but even the non can-bus model years use them. I think it was a connector compatibility reason for that.

Let us know how it goes. We can all learn from what does or does not work.
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