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HID Curious?

I have a 99 base Boxster. I live in USA and considering HID lighting and trying to understand how this works and do a quality install. I have seen Fred's kits and they are beautiful but now willing to spend that kind of money.

My understanding is the retrofit kits basically replace the existing halogen bulbs with HID bulbs along with the necessary ballasts and wiring. Problem with this is the kit uses the existing reflector in the headlight to disperse the light and can be blinding to on-coming drivers. If the headlight assembly is disassembled and a projector lens is added to the headlight assembly the HID beam will be more defined and more like true OEM HID projectors or Litronics but without the self leveling feature.

So if the above statements are correct, I can buy a set of projector lenses, screw them onto the headlight assembly where the low beam used to be, buy a retrofit kit and install it and I will have a decent HID light system?

Based on what I have read wiring directly to the battery with a relay is the best way to go to avoid power fluctuations?
Does the 99 Boxster have a CAN-BUS? Is this the method of wiring I should use?
Will any retrofit work in my 99 if I use a projector lens?
To get a hi-lo beam Hid I will need a bi-xenon projector? This type of projector will give me a HID Hi-Lo beam the light bulb remains the same?
The mini-projectors just bolt into the existing housing with some modification?

I am just trying to understand how HID conversions work and want to do a quality job.
99 Porsche Boxster
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