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Free Cyber Monday download on Kindle: The Driver Books I and II

Tired of spending money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Take a break! Download my two auto / racing inspired action adventure novels. Both are free to download on Amazon on Cyber Monday, November 30th.

follow the links below--

The Driver Book-I Decision - Kindle edition by Robert L. Turner. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

The combination of racing, car chases, fight scenes and just plain old bad-assíedíness frame the continuing series revolving around Marc Lange, Ex-Pat American living in the UK and working hard to keep his struggling GT3 team afloat. But when dire financial straits strike his team, Marc vows to do whatever it takes to keep the team racing. Enter Rene Dufour, a Driver. No not a racing driver, but a paid mercenary that takes people or things Point A to Point B, but with no questions asked. He is ready to retire and sets his sights on Marc as his protege and replacement. Let the bullets start flying and life or death car chases ensue. Marc has to learn the hard way, but he better learn fast because if he doesnít, he dies.

Here is the favor I ask. If you download and read the books, can you please leave me (hopefully!) a good review? Need more of them to boost my rankings. And if you miss the free download day, not to fear, the books are priced pretty low so they will not put a dent in your pocket. Think of buying either or both of the books as a way to help me fund more track mods for my car. My wife is very tired of all those debit transactions coming out of our checking account...Thanks everyone and hope you enjoy the read. RLT
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