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Why in the world was the top down? Did you say anything to anyone?

Emissions inspections are dubious in their effect on the environment. Colorado uses the IM-240 test where they run it on a "treadmill" for 240 seconds at various engine speeds (following a curve). But, at least you can watch them do it. I made sure they could see me watching them to ensure they didn't ding my door or take any other liberties.

BTW, I once had a Jeep tested where they forgot to release the parking brake. I was watching and it kept failing the test (DUH - they couldn't keep the speed where it needed to be). Finally, I saw smoke billowing from under the car - I ran out to find they had completely smoked the brake system. They weren't going to do anything about it. I refused to drive the car since they could have boiled the fluid and/or crumbled the brakes. Turns out, they completely destroyed my brake system. I got a brand new system courtesy of Clean Air Colorado.

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