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Inspection Story

My car was due for its annual PA state inspection. As some of you remember, I bought this car in February from a dealership on the other side of the state for a much better deal. Since I didn't feel like hearing crap from the local dealership about not buying from them I decided to have my state inspection done somewhere else since it is a brand new car and it is essentially slapping stickers on the windshield.

I first went to an oil/shock/muffler palce but the workers looked shady. Down the road was a brand new Toyota dealership so I took it there. I saw when the car went in and after 1/2 hour I saw someone making stickers for it. 20 minutes later the car still wasn't out. I snuck around the side of the building to look into the bays and half the garage was crowded around the car including the service manager. I walked in behind everyone without them seeing me and asked, "Do you think it will pass?" They looked very surprised to see me and it was obvious that they were just playing around with the car (especially since the top was down at that point and it was up when I brought it in). They immediately backed out the car.

The odd thing was that after arriving home and putting the top up, it stopped at the end. The latch was in the locked position. Obviously they had to unlatch it to open it so I assume that they stopped it mid way and pushed the latch forward again. It works fine and there is no damage but still it was annoying since avoiding this sort of nonsense is the reason I originally passed on the first place.

In hindsight I would have gone to the dealership had I know that this stuff would have happened but hey... Anyway, just thought I would share.

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