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Well, I received advice from several sources and got some great advice from the local chapter of the PCA here in the DFW area. First thing I did was change out the fuel pump relay....same problem, then I bought a new Optima 34R and installation plate from Zims in Bedford, TX.....same problem, so I narrowed it down to a defective fuel pump. I ordered one online at a great price and had it overnighted to me. Then I spent last evening removing the defective pump and installing the new pump.


Took it for a quick test spin and all is well.

On a side note, I took my 98 GMC ext. cab Z71 pickup to Kansas last weekend to attend my brother's graduation from his Master's program at Friend's University. After a stop in Edmond, OK for fuel, the fuel pump went out on the GMC too!!!! What is up with my luck???? My nephew drove down from Wichita and towed me to Wichita (thanks again Tony!) and I took the bed off of the truck and replaced the fuel pump on it. I was surprised to find out that the fuel pump for my truck cost $125 more than the one for the Porsche. But at least it worked and I was able to leave Kansas once again. One other thing happened in Edmond, OK. I was inside the gas station purchasing some munchies and a frosty cold beverage when I looked outside and saw a guy running to my truck to shut off the fuel. Apparently the auto-shutoff of the pump wasn't working and I had fuel gushing out of the filler neck. Thank goodness that he shut off the pump when he did, as my gas total was $80 when I went out to check on it. There was also a HUGE gas spill on the ground (around 10 gallons I estimated). Right after that is when I discovered that my fuel pump had decided that it's life was over.

Oh well, not to ramble on too much more...but both vehicles are now repaired and operational. My wallet is very empty, but my piece of mind has been restored.
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