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Originally Posted by Qmulus View Post
Which yellow AMP connector are you referring to? What you describe sounds like the preamp signal to the amplifier. You should be connecting low level, preamp outputs from the radio to this. If the radio does not have preamp outputs, you will need to either bypass the Porsche factory amp, and run the radio outputs directly to the speakers (not a big deal, and pretty common on these cars) or use a level converter. IME, those do not work well. You CANNOT connect speaker outputs directly to preamp connections on the amplifier. Well, you can, but you will likely damage the radio and/or amplifier. It definitely will not work properly.

What model radio are you attempting to install?
Hi, I have a similar situation as well. To clarify here, To bypass the factory amp, will i have to run totally separate (new) wires direct to the speakers? thanks
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