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I have one 'hot' hatch, and one 'warm' hatch, both Mk6 Golfs.

2012 GTI 6MT and 2012 TDI DSG. TDI is mostly stock save for the OEM euro LED tail lights; GTI is mildly modded (OEM S3 short shifter, cat-back exhaust, Stg1 remap, wheels, OEM euro LED tails, and some other cosmetic mods).

I love the GTI. It's the perfect all-rounder for my needs--save for not being AWD. (Significant throttle input during wet weather = wheel hop in 1st/2nd which is not great.) Small enough to parallel park (which I do every day); seats 4 adults comfortably; entertaining drivetrain/handling without punishing ride; reasonable freeway noise level; nice interior.

The TDI has a suspension setup that (per my buddy at VWoA) is about 80% of the GTI's spec, comes with the prior base wheel/tire package for the GTI, same seats as the GTI in different fabric, etc. It's a surprisingly good driver as long as you know how to drive it on the torque vs. revs. The only complaint I have with the TDI setup is the steering feel is too light in comparison to the GTI. I keep meaning to have a look in VCDS (VW version of Durametric) to see if I can change steering feel.

If I stay with VW, my next car will be a Golf R. The 2016 Focus RS looks to be a killer package, but I'm not sure I want a car that is quite that aggressive in terms of styling.
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