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Originally Posted by landrovered View Post
I have a shop and we do repairs as well as elite detailing.

First watch every video you can find on YouTube.

If working by hand I recommend Zaino.

If you know what you are doing with a machine then Chemical Guys

I recommend a random orbital over a simple rotary buffer. I have a Cyclo.

For decent product from the local parts store Griots is good as well as Mothers.

If you have a perfect finish and want to keep it that way and money is no object then Swissvax Zuffenhausen is the bomb.
I just got this for buffing wax:

Simoniz Orbital Polisher, 10-in.
Product #39-9055-6

Having never used any powered tool on my black metallic paint, I was wondering how would one properly learn how to use it?

I guess I would also need to learn to strip paint sealant, clay, etc to complete the process
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