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Just so other people on this forum can have some advice, rather than just being told to go to an OPC.

If anyone is in a similar situation to me where the Airbag light doesn't reset, here is some insight:

Code 195 = Fault airbag module.

The reason why the light won't clear is due to the fact that the airbag module itself is faulty, so no dig tool including Duremetric, Autel or PST2 will clear the fault. Porsche cars seem to be designed not to be able to switch off Airbag faults that are over 100 as there is an internal airbag module fault.

I purchased a new airbag module off eBay for 35 and installed it. Once I connected my Autel diag to the car, the tool was finally able to reset the light!!!!!! YAY

Conclusion: If you are receiving fault code 195, or anything over 100 for Airbag system, it's most likely the Airbag ECU has gone caput!!

Replace and reset using diag tool or by taking it to an OPC to reset with a PST2 tool.
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