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Originally Posted by 986Cool View Post
hi everyone,
maybe I'm naive, but i have not been able to find any videos on how to attach the center wind deflector between the seats...could anyone explain this to me...i do have a piece broken on the clamp, attachment point on the roll bar on the drivers side.... is it necessary to replace this to keep from losing the deflector, or would it be ok for the time being?..Thanks for your help on this...boy, I really love this car!

I would replace the clip. They are sold as set. The windscreen does get inserted from the back of the car, the same direction it would probably blow out.

I haven't quite figured out the best way to install and remove the windscreen. The result was a broken clip.

To replace the clips, you need to remove the padding on the hoop behind the seat. I replaced one of mine about two weeks ago. There were three mounts on each roll bar pad on mine. I used a plastic putty knife to lever it out the top center a tad, then once the clip was in view, applied more force using a large pry bar. Once the center one was out it was easy to see the next two. The pry bar worked fine on removing it the rest of the way. I then drilled the rivets out, and installed the new clip. I then pressed the pad back into place - then smacked it in place with a rubber mallet after putting some towels on the pad.
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