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Originally Posted by papasmurf View Post
like these. It's a shame that cars like this immediately get purchased by speculators and people trying to earn a quick buck.
Life in a captialistic society. No one has to buy his slot unless they think it's worth it.

I'm not going to complain because I have signed up for the 'opportunity' to purchase 1 of the 60 911 GTS Club Coupes, if I win Porsche's lottery and they draw my entry. I would buy the car, hold on to it for a few yrs, and sell it. Look at the prices of the recent Ford GTs. A Club Coupe should appreciate in very short order. Why pass up an opportunity to make some money?

EDIT: the Club Coupe starts at $130K plus any options you order.

EDIT #2: the drawing has been held and I haven't been notified.

EDIT #3: just got an email - 23 slots went unclaimed, 2nd lottery on Mon. Fingers crossed.
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