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Jerky Triptronic Shifting


Our 98 Boxster with 80K miles exhibits jerky shifting from 4th to 5th and hard down shifting of the gears. I just had the dealership change the fluid, and it has made a slight difference.This is our first Porsche, so my first question is if this is normal behavior in these vehicles? If not, what are the other areas that need to be looked into? The motor mount on the vehicle needs replacement, so not sure if the jerky shifting is correlated to that, but getting that sorted next weekend. Is there anything else that needs to be looked into? For instance, do these vehicles need a software update for this issue? Could this be a dirty throttle body? Also, if this more of a TCU or valve body issue how would one isolate it and how much should I be looking at to get the TCU or valve body issue sorted?
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