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The system is very simple - if the circuit is broken (like when the sensor is worn by the rotor), then the brake service light is illuminated. And it will stay illuminated until circuit continuity is restored. No computers, no calculations, just a simple circuit.

And the sensor isn't really a sensor - it is simply molded plastic with a loop of wire in it so when the rotor wears it down, the wire connection is broken. Then the circuit opens and the brake service light comes on. Its about as smart as a rock. Or a twig.

Since you installed new sensors, my guess is that one of the sensors isn't making a solid connection where the sensor wire connects to the vehicle harness. Disconnect and reconnect each brake sensor from the vehicle harness (making sure that you have a nice firm connection and it is fully seated) to see if this solves the problem.

Otherwise, then you may have received a bad sensor that has an open circuit. You can test each sensor (checking for continuity) using a multimeter to see if this is the cause.
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