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O2 sensor fault code cleared with Durametric

My CE light came on so I bought a Durametric cable (and once again, thank you to whomever here told me to ask for a "rebuilt" unit because it saved me $100!!!!). It arrived and I took a few minutes to hook it up and see what that darn light is all about.

Turns out to be the O2 sensor ahead of the cat on the left side. I cleared it and it stayed off while idling.

Here's my question: I need to get my car inspected and I'm wondering how long it might stay off. Long enough to get a sticker?

I'd drive it around to see if it stays out, but its out of inspection and the cops around my house are thick and always snagging people for this small infraction!!!!

I'm not really interested in spending money on four new sensors at the moment, since I just spent $230 on a diagnostic cable.

BTW, this might just be the best money I've spent on this car so far.
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