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If I remember right Woodsman and I were installing ours about the same time. We both ended up installing TopSpeed adj. arms also. For my base 02, it had about 80k on it and needed struts. At the time Suncoast had the kit for under $1100 if I recall. I also bought all new top mounts (for me this was the summer of spending $4500 on maintenance...) I added 15mm spacers all around, the 030 kit dropped the front 7/8ths and the rear 5/8ths. This transformed the car into something completely different than before, best upgrade to date for me. and yes, +1 on the alignment suggestions. I spent days searching the forum and there are some excellent posts on alignments. i found a local shop that finally listens to what i ask, couldnt be happier with the handling.
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