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brakes on 3.2 are bigger so less heat issues in the hands of inexperienced drivers. pads are $10 more per set. 3.2 six-speed is a much stronger transmission than the audi 5-speed. more parts interchangeable w/ the 996 - brakes, transmission, engine - so potentially better availability. stronger engine mechanically so should suffer abuse better. 3.2 needs a 17" tire because of the bigger brakes, but wear should be *about* the same - cars should be at same speed through and out of corners regardless of engine size.

cheaper to get into a 2.5 but a 3.2 is a stronger car. your $10 savings on brake pads might soon be offset by a dropped transmission. check some of the spec racing threads here if you want a heads-up on 2.5 engine durability and transmission longevity (most spec cars run coolers to keep the transmissions alive). and, as there is no spec boxster community in europe, I would suggest that your 3.2 would have better resale if you want to move on. full disclosure: I've never driven a 2.5, but the only time my 3.2 sees a public road is too/from the track and it has been a treat (knock on wood). but really, if you want an inexpensive school car, build some miatas - by far the best bang for buck you will ever spend, and comes with factory support (unlike Porsche).
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