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Originally Posted by jimk04 View Post
Thanks guys.

I'm in the UK so no smog test.

Will be running a custom dme tune.

Engine will be base 3.4 heads with possible displacement hike to 3.6.

The x50 parts...I got the numbers off PET and ran them by my main dealer....all available and in stock. The x50 also ran different intake cams....but they're like 600gbp plus tax.

Only the intake differs on x50 iirc....exhaust side all the same.
Early 3.4 has thinnest M96 cylinder walls & most prone to irregular wear, so be sure to measure cylinders for wear, or just sleeve for 99mm bore & big boost in torque!
OE engine rebuilt,3.6 litre LN Engineering billet sleeves,triple row IMSB,LN rods. Deep sump oil pan with DT40 oil.
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