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Originally Posted by Reebuck1 View Post
JimK04....where were you two weeks ago when I was going through this same debate.

Not sure this is the best answer but it has worked great for me....BUT...a big learning curve!

Here is what I used:

Stock 996 3.4 throttle body, 987 intake air box with the back removed so it would fit in my 1998 Boxster. BMW MAF "holder" with a stock 3.4 996 MAF used in the BMW holder. REALLY TIGHT FIT FOR IT ALL. I used a ROW re-flash for my DME because I
did not have smog testing issue in South Carolina. I also removed my secondary air pump and system. Car runs really strong! Had other issues...if you are interested... let me know.
What was the price and source for the X-50 intake you mentioned? I used the stock 996 intake and therefore had to drop the motor and trans to compensate. Also,if you have a "direct cable" throttle it will also cause some issues.
Thanks, Reebuck1

just FYI
with ROW and SAI delete car will pass smog testing with flying colors.

you dont have to drop the engine, thats very poor solution.
just use engine cover from cayman. it is taller in the middle.

ask me how I know that......
99' with 3.4l engine. ROW tune. SAI delete
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