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Best OE intake system for a built 3.4/3.6 M96

I'm going ahead with this rebuild and will be doing a few mods to it along the way. ( 3.4 or 6 in my 986). I already have the 3.4 and all ancillaries.....and have picked up a 987 air box and larger MAF housing.

So from there is there any gains to be had. ?

Am I best off sticking with the 3.4 intakes.? I've priced up the x50 manifolds....the ally inlets aren't too pricey but the plastic plenums aren't cheap! Should I flow my OE 3.4 parts a little....I'm guessing that's all the x50 parts are..

Or would a 987 inlet be better

And finally the throttle....stick with 3.4 size or go to gt 3 size

I'm looking for rroad driveability and grunt....Not necessarily out. and out power at max revs!

It will run a freer flowing exhaust system too.


Thanks in advance
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