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Though you may not have had noticeable oil consumption previously, you're well w/in P-car specs (for my 3.8L) of ~ 1.5qt per 5k miles. Even then I don't worry unless it's sudden usage as (noticeable) consumption has much to do w/ driving style. I notice more on long road trips or hard back road runs and DEs where moisture/fuel in oil is more readily burned off (due to engine being driven harder and hotter). Whereas w/o long or hard runs, contaminants replaces the consumed oil so you're none the wiser.

That said, each engine also has a sort of intrinsic oil fill level regardless of what an electronic or manual dipstick might show. My 997 seems happiest settling around 3 bars on e-dipstick while my Boxster liked 2 down from top.

Keep an eye on it but do not feel it's of much concern right now for you.

Good luck
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