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Pointing fingers at AOS..? or not this time

Background: At 70k miles, my car got a rebuilt gearbox, along with a new clutch and DMFW and so far has never burn or consumed any oil.

Now, 5k miles later, at 75k I had to add about one quart on these 5k miles…. and I assumed that the AOS was heading south (the second one since the car was new) and was creating the oil consumption, but when I removed the small hose on top of the AOS it showed some oil inside the hose but not too much.

And looking around the AOS, I found a small puddle of oil underneath a hose connector, this connector joins the oil hose from the filler cap on the rear (Cayman) to a flexible tube that goes on top of the engine (about 1 ” diameter) However, these hoses where not fully seated with each other (with the plastic locking ring loose)... it seems that these hoses worked themselves loose while lowering the engine to remove/install the transaxle.[/B]

The question here is: Would a loose hose at this connector, allowing the crank to vent to the atmosphere could create the oil consumption?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

PS; today I drove the car to work after properly reconnecting the two oil hoses and the engine seems to be running somehow better (placebo effect).. ?

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