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Spoiler Removal help!

Ok so I have an 1999 Porsche Boxster with a spoiler that I have never seen on a boxster before. Unfortunately last night I backed up into my Jeep and the bull bar ripped the spoiler off my trunk and busted the rear tail light. Anyways i got the spoiler un bolted and I just need to remove the wire that lights up the spoiler when breaking. The wire runs through the spoiler, through the trunk lid, and down through a grommet in the rear of the trunk near the engine. I am trying to find out where I can simply unplug this wire and remove the spoiler completely. So if someone could help and tell me where this wire runs to so i can unplug it, that would be great. Also if I could get a good solution as to something that would plug up the holes that are in my trunk lid, that would be awesome as well.
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