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3.4 motor swap into 1998 boxster

Anyone have any thoughts??

DME is 5.2.2 from the 2.5 Boxster

Intake and throttle body is from the 996 Carrera

Air filter box is from a 987 but converted to fit in the 986

3 1/2 inch silicon piping runs from air filter to throttle body

MAF is stock from the 996 with the 3 inch 987 tub that holds the 996 MAF

MAF is located approximately 6 inches from the throttle body opening.

oxygen sensors are the stock 2.5 oxygen sensors

Finally got the motor in the car and started it up today....major mile stone.

I had my DME re-flashed with a ROW flash. Am running CAT by pass pipes with no muffler as of yet.

Put the boxster 2.5 pre-CAT oxygen sensors on the by-pass pipes.

No seats in car yet.

Motor started right idle ...NO FAULTS !!!

blipped the throttle a few times and got the following FAULT CODES:









I am only guessing......... I have a bad Oxygen sensor in bank 2 (4,5,6)

Cleared faults...and again at idle, it caused no fault code. gave it some revs. and same codes as above showed up.

Any thoughts?

Pictures and writ-up to follow.

Thanks, Bob

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