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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
If I am driving on a stock M030 sport suspension (not ROW) and I wanted to get a little more negative camber, would these be the thing to get, or should I get camber plates? (Like the ones from rennline). Do they each solve different problems with more neg camber being a side benefit?

Camber plates and adjustable lower control arms (LCA's) generally achieve the same goal (more negative camber) but in different ways and to different extents.

In simple terms, camber plates pull the top of the wheel in since the adjustment is at the top of the shock tower whereas adj LCA's push the bottom of the tire out since the adjustment is at the lower suspension arm.

Camber plates typically have a limit of about 1-1.5 deg of additional camber over the max stock setting. For some needs, this will still not be sufficient. Then adjustable lower control arms are the only way to get the desired amount of neg camber.

If you want a little more camber for street or combined street and track use (-2 deg or so), then a camber plate may be sufficient. But if you want to reach the level of neg camber needed to run DOT track tires and fully address the crappy camber curve of the Boxster's strut-based suspension design (>-3 deg), then you'll need adj LCA's.
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