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Bought the boss's Boxster

I've admired this car for years. Finally I asked my former boss (now retired) if I could buy it and he said yes. So now I am the proud owner of a well-cared for 2001 Boxster S. It just had a major service in the spring including a new waterpump, cv boots, clutch, flywheel, RMS, LNE IMS, coolant flush and oil change, so there is not much left to do with it, or so I thought...

Over the past few days I noticed a few niggly things like the fuel door wouldn't lock. Turns out to be just a missing grommet and the safety hook was sneaking out the hole and snagging the pin. It was a simple matter to stuff the catch back in the hole and put in a spare grommet that I had, works well enough for now until can order the official Porsche grommet.

I also noticed that neither remote works, even though the LED lights up on both. I tried taking the control module out of the key, pushed the button and it worked. Put it back in the key and it didn't work. Took it out and it worked. Then I realized the only difference was that when it was out of the key, I was holding the battery case to push the button. That little pressure on the battery case was enough for a good contact. So my temp solution is to put a little folded piece of paper in the key to put a bit of pressure on the battery and now it works consistently, though I suspect it will only be temporary. Has anyone successfully re-soldered the contact points on the remote? Just wondering if it was possible.

I also did the radiator cleaning job (it really needed it!), and I noticed that the left fan does not work at all, just moans when it thinks it should be working. The right fan only works at high speed after it has idled for awhile. Bottom line is I need 2 new fans, and they're not cheap. Though I found some URO branded fans at ******************************** for substantially less money. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with these fans. And yes, I realize that URO stands for U-replace-often, but working on the car is part of the fun of ownership! Just wondering if they were noisier than the Bosch part.

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