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IMO, do NOT put in Chinese axles. I made that mistake exactly once. I thought I would try it as the cost of the Chinese axle was less than buying two OE CV boot kits. I went through three axles under warranty, each failing after six to eight months. I got the last replacement free (whoopee - installing it is a PITA), but never put it in.

Luckily I had been able to save the original axle. I disassembled the CVs, thoroughly cleaned them, repacked them with grease, reassembled them with new boots and put it back in. No more axle issues. If I do have an issue in the future, I will take them to a rebuilder and have the CVs rebuilt.

As long as you do not drive them until they dry out and get noisy, chances are you can just replace the boots and you will be fine. If you feel play in the CVs, or they are noisy, then you need to rebuild or replace the axle. Otherwise, do the boots.

A lot of shops would rather throw in new axles because they is the cheap and easy solution, and fine if they use OE axles. None of the good shops I know will touch the cheap axles as they almost always have issues.

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